Cheryl Dubois  

Japanese blossoms by Cheryl Dubois

October 2019 - Japanese blossoms

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I snipped a branch off of this Japanese Magnolia last spring, brought it home and photographed it in the studio. I replaced the background and added a mat.

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Angela Bonner   Angela Bonner
Beautiful and a style I have been trying to do but so far not too successful!!! The BG really compliments the flower and I love the subtle tones of the whole image.
I do wonder about the large surround though as I feel it overshadows the image? I have cropped it off and just darkened the border (as learnt from you!!). See what you think!   Posted: 10/04/2019 11:10:42
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Cheryl Dubois   Cheryl Dubois
Thanks so much for the feedback. I really like your border. I'd probably go for it being wider, more like a mat, but I do not disagree that my border is probably a bit too large and a little dark. In our club competitions they like to see matting. But if I bought this print to hang in my house, I like your mat better!   Posted: 10/04/2019 15:49:26

Janet McLaughlin   Janet McLaughlin
Beautiful, Cheryl! This looks like a Japanese style watercolor! Great background that compliments, but remains in the background. I do like Angela's idea for the frame!   Posted: 10/04/2019 17:08:33