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Waiting by Victor Dallons

February 2021 - Waiting

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It has been difficult to get an interesting image this month; fewer people on the street, bundled up and masked, no expressions, little gesture. I am going to reach back to this summer for an image that I am a little unsettled about. I was attracted by the Edward Hooper-esk night time lighting. But is there enough going on to make an interesting story.

8/14/20. Nikon D7200. F/3.2. 1/125 sec ISO 6400. Exposure compensation -0.33 Focal length: 50 mm (75 mm FF eq.) 14 bit RAW file.

RAW development: Temperature 3450 K, Tint +18. Exposure + 1.65. Highlights -40 Whites -100 Contrast 0 Blacks 0 Vibrance 0

Photoshop: Topaz Denoise AI. Crop. Selectively desaturate yellows, darken lights in window, darken and shift color of light on sidewalk, brighten center of image, increase local contrast. Working color space: RGB, shared file color space sRGB.

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J. Lanning Smith   J. Lanning Smith
I love this image. I like the colors in it, the composition, the expressions on the faces, the cleanness of it. This is a really cool image. Well done!   Posted: 02/11/2021 14:00:49
Victor Dallons   Victor Dallons
Thank you Jim.
  Posted: 02/12/2021 19:51:03

Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk   Karen Johnson-Nieuwendijk
I too love this image from the contrast of the happy woman on the right to the single woman on the left with a less than happy expression. My eye goes first to the women on the right and then follows the railing into the picture and the vertical lines on the porch to the woman in the corner. Well done.
  Posted: 02/12/2021 09:52:14
Victor Dallons   Victor Dallons
Thank you for your observations Karen.   Posted: 02/12/2021 19:51:46

Ed Tepper   Ed Tepper
I like the composition and the colors.

There's something about the woman on the far right that is distracting me but I can't put my finger on it. I looks like her face is soft as is the the backs of the other woman with her. I'm wondering whether denoise softened the pic too much or whether shooting at f3.2 with a 50mm gave you enough DOF. It may look better at full resolution.   Posted: 02/12/2021 18:40:30
Victor Dallons   Victor Dallons
Thank you Ed. You are right about the de-noise process. On inspection, I see that it was uneven in its application, removing more noise in some areas than others, and softening parts of the image. I will go back and re-do that paying particular attention to not overdoing de-noise in the places it softened the image, and applying more in areas that are yet too noisy, blending several layers of different strengths of de-noise to get the best of each.   Posted: 02/12/2021 20:39:33


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