Beverly Caine  

Checkers by Beverly Caine

October 2019 - Checkers

October 2019 - Beverly Caine

Original 2

October 2019 - Beverly Caine

Original 3

October 2019 - Beverly Caine

Original 1

About the Image(s)

This is an image that I took about 25 years ago while touring mainland China. We wandered through a local park and came upon lots of people playing checkers so I caught this image and spent all morning trying to improve it. I just downloaded a sample of the newest Topaz sharpening filter and am madly in love. It's currently on sale and I don't doubt I'll buy it if they actually end it for me in a few weeks. I went to monochrome because I tried everything in my own bag of "tricks" and couldn't remove the reddish cast from their heads so I went back into Topaz Studio 2 and converted to mono which I think gave me a better result. I look forward to your feedback


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