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Walks with Light by Judith Lesnaw

February 2021 - Walks with Light

February 2021 - Judith Lesnaw


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A confluence of challenges has emerged in my part of the universe. The external drive on which all my images are stored is not responding consistently. It disconnects itself at most unexpected and inconvenient times. Thus I am at present unable to access the images I took on my Canon 80 D. Rather than sink into despair and drop out this round I took sage advice offered by Lexington KY landscape photographer John Snell in a talk he gave our camera club this week. He was addressing ways in which to keep our photography fresh. For example one could convert an image to monochrome and note differences in affect. I realized that I could access the images I made using an iPhone 7+. The iPhone stores the images in Apple software called “Photos”. The folder is stored in the cloud and accessible on my MacBook pro. So I began to experiment. On 29 November 2020 my family and I took a walk in Brandywine State Park. On the return walk the person in front of me was walking into the sun. I loved the effect and the rays of light. I had left my heavy DSRL at home so I captured the moment with an iphone 7+. I imported the image into Lightroom, converted it to monochrome, and adjusted highlights and shadows, white and black. I titled it "Walks with Light".

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Karl Leck   Karl Leck
Hi Judith, In a word: BACKUP! I use both hard drives and solid state drives. Having images in at least two places saves the bacon.
This image is made by the sun rays and animated figure. Perhaps not your best effort since it suffers from excess flare and lacks dynamic range. Also the objects on the left don't contribute. Not quite lemonade but a notable effort at dealing with lemons. Karl   Posted: 02/10/2021 09:34:53

Peter Newman   Peter Newman
Hi Judith, Your comment that you have an intermittent problem suggests a loose connection. I would first try the least expensive, try a new connection cord. If that works, I would immediately get a high quality drive, and transfer the data from the old drive to the new, and throw out the old drive. I would then call Apple and/or B&H and ask advice about setting up a backup system. Prior to calling have the model & serial # of your MacBook. The system I use may not be available to you since I use a PC. I have 3 internal drives: one for programs; second for data; and a third for a scratch disk. For backup I use a RAID 1. <https://www.hellotech.com/blog/what-is-raid-0-1-5-10#what-is-raid-1>. (mirror)   Posted: 02/13/2021 17:19:39

Lauren Heerschap   Lauren Heerschap
New cable. Try a different port on the computer. Also test drive on a different computer to figure out the failure site. External hard drives are cheap, they don't last forever. You can get an external hard drive from Costco. All of this is from my IT husband, Henry.

Moving on, I like the idea of your image, and the "rays" of light. Clearly you did some post processing of the image. Of course it made me think of the Scriptures about walking in the light...   Posted: 02/21/2021 14:38:56


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