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Autumn Fare by Valerie Pohio

May 2020 - Autumn Fare

May 2020 - Valerie Pohio


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I took the image in Nara, a small city in Japan. I was passing a local store and noticed the wonderful contrast of Autumn colour and texture of the cones and chestnuts and also great light on the red pod. A long exposure at f11 and a very, slight movement to give things a bit of an artistic look and I was happy with my little still life. I’m not sure of what the red fruit is and am wondering if it’s a Cape Gooseberry. Perhaps one of our group knows. As you’ll see from the original, nothing much has been done except for a slight crop because it was a little top heavy and a vignette. I was tempted to take out the lines caused by the shift and maybe put in a slight blur, but decided to leave it as is because I felt the strokes added to the texture.

1.3s @ f11
Sony a7111

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Marie Miller   Marie Miller
Hi Valerie, I've been to Nara! I spy chestnut (kuri) and pomegranate (zakuro)--great assortment of color and texture. Seems the movement of the camera is the "going" thing now. I see it a lot lately. I don't know what the fruit in the middle is, I'd have to see more of it.   Posted: 05/06/2020 00:55:18
Valerie Pohio   Valerie Pohio
Thanks for the info Marie!! Adds to the image :-)   Posted: 05/27/2020 21:29:04

Sandra Irwin   Sandra Irwin
This works for me. I like the lines. I like the composition. I think it's very successful!
I don't see anything that looks like a California pomegranate, but maybe they are different in Japan.   Posted: 05/13/2020 17:59:11

Judith Lesnaw   Judith Lesnaw
The mix of textures and colors in objects of similar shape create a wonderful still life composition. I am not certain about the streaks. The composition and light are very artistic, and the streaks are actually a bit of a distraction. Was this shot through a window?   Posted: 05/27/2020 21:05:19
Valerie Pohio   Valerie Pohio
Can't recall to be honest, Judith......may have been.....No, I'm still not sure about the streaks either.   Posted: 05/27/2020 21:27:33

Valerie Pohio   Valerie Pohio
.....just off to the far left lurk the pomegranates. Maybe not so noticeable in the shadows there.   Posted: 05/27/2020 21:30:39

May Meng   May Meng
Nice Job Valerie!!! Like the still life colourfully grow as it goes!   Posted: 05/28/2020 11:20:29