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Creation of the Blue Poppy by Karl Leck

March 2020 - Creation of the Blue Poppy

About the Image(s)

The Himalayan Blue Poppies at Longwood Gardens have been photographed by everyone in every manner. For a new slant on this subject, I tried to create a mythical creation image by compositing a poppy blossom with a faceless figure. The figure image was made by using a digital projector to put an abstract pattern image on a professional model in a dark studio. A Nikon D800 with 24-70mm lens captured the image. I began the composite by choosing the model image from my files based on pose and corresponding blue color. The poppy was resized and added. The image was finished with a contrasting border and printed. Perhaps the female figure adds a mother/creator aspect.

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Marie Miller   Marie Miller
Hi Karl,
I've been out for a little while, and it's always nice to see what you've been up to. I really love the color combination and the texture, particularly on the frame. I also like how the flower colors are also reflected on the body and the frame. It was almost as if the flower were somehow an extension of the woman, but the actual connection is lost to me. I think just the woman herself might have been nice or if some type of technique were used to show the flower wasn't just sitting there in space, maybe a ghosted trail (as if blown by wind) or water waves or even a stem going into the frame like the woman's legs.   Posted: 03/09/2020 12:49:15
Karl Leck   Karl Leck
Thanks, Marie. I know that I sometimes have a different point of view. I enjoy hearing what others see/think about the images. It helps me understand the image better. Karl   Posted: 03/14/2020 17:22:37

Valerie Pohio   Valerie Pohio
An interesting thought Karl, but not sure that the idea quite works as I see the flower in isolation. It has a different texture and looks as if it has been added into the image. Perhaps the hands facing upward as if to offer the creation, may have helped....I'm not sure. Yes, I think Marie has some valid comments there and like her idea of perhaps a stem from the frame for connection of some sort.
Always interesting to see what you're going to create next!   Posted: 03/11/2020 16:20:42
Karl Leck   Karl Leck
Hi Val, This has become another image with multiple interpretations. The print bombed in club monthly competition but went on to earn a PSA Silver Medal from experienced judges in the Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography this year against some brilliant nature prints. Blue poppies have begun blooming at Longwood Gardens but the gardens are closed at least until March 31 due to virus concerns.
Karl   Posted: 03/14/2020 17:28:06

Sandra Irwin   Sandra Irwin
Absolutely lovely! Congrats on your awards! However, I, too, would have preferred the hands turned palm upwards (as May's), and I would have also liked a face, even if it were a blue mannequin type face.   Posted: 03/25/2020 16:06:59

Judith Lesnaw   Judith Lesnaw
Karl, congratulations on your silver medal! You certainly have presented the blue poppy in a unique and highly creative setting.

My first look at the image produced an intense feeling of unease.
The splotches of color on the models arms and hip suggested severe burns; the blotches of amber color resembled skin. The position of the model's arms and fingers, outstretched as though touching would be unbearably painful, brought to my mind the image of the young napalm girl photographed by Nick Ut. The frame has a fiery look to it.

And then we come to the blue poppy, beauty emerging from surreal calamity. As unsettling as this image is, upon reflection I find a message of hope. I must confess it took me long to see this aspect.

Composition elements are superb: the position of the poppy within the curved arms; the repetition of the amber color in the poppy and frame; the black background. Your creation prompted much contemplation. It is wonderful Fine Art.   Posted: 03/26/2020 09:35:27