Karl Leck  

Mary by Karl Leck

October 2019 - Mary

About the Image(s)

For my fine art contribution in October, I offer a more traditional figure study with a great model. This image was made on an afternoon of intermittent rain and fairly even lighting. A good reason to hire an experienced model is that they can propose great poses and smoothly move from one to another while understanding the compositional situation This image is art within art as the model has interesting tattoos. This Nikon Z7 image has only slight cropping and highlight adjustment. All the photographer had to do was recognize a fine moment in the model's motion. Karl Leck

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Susan Ashford   Susan Ashford
Lovely image, shape and form is very appealing. Full of interest , i enjoy her body art and beautiful artful pose and physique.
The water grasses really compliment and her shadow is statuesque. If it were my image i would add a tiny bit of contrast as it looks a little flat , that could be my monitor.
Very nice Karl.
  Posted: 10/14/2019 14:40:46


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