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United We Stand by Marie Verrett

October 2019 - United We Stand

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October is my birthday month and the thing I want most on Oct 4th is unity in America. This composite image will be one of five other images to tell the story of my project "United We Stand" using only hands. I felt like the identity of the person didn’t matter because the main feature will be diversity, hands, and America. I shot this in color and then turned it black and white and masking the hands so it would retain the color of the person. I shot an American flag using studio strobes after draping it over a prop and overlayed it on the image masking the hands and reducing the opacity of that layer. To enhance the flag colors, I used the overlay blending mode. Lastly, I put the whole thing through a Topaz filter. It would be interesting to me about what everyone thinks about the message of the image.

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Susan Ashford   Susan Ashford
Hi Marie,
An excellent idea of yours , and well thought out and executed.
Also the crop you have chosen is ideal.
The only thing i picked up on is the right hand side shadow and bright areas.
There is a blackish dark strip on the top right hand white square, maybe a shadow of something ,
also there are 2 bright patches directly below.
Once you see this dark strip it kind of points to the brightness of the areas underneath.
Again you can clone over the dark and bright areas using the surrounding colours. Best wishes with your project , i am sure it will be a success.PS Happy Birthday .   Posted: 10/06/2019 11:22:48


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