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Big buck by Jason Kravitz

January 2020 - Big buck

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Panasonic DC-G9 1/320 second F/3.7 ISO 400 276 mm

I had just finished hiking and was driving out when I noticed the sun casting a beautiful light on the trees. I wasn't going to stop to take a photo as there was not much of a foreground element. Just then, I saw a female deer, than another and another and then this buck just standing right by the road. I stopped and snapped this photo through the passenger side window. I was able to get a few more and he didn't move till I drove off.

How might you edit this photo differently? What about composition when taking the picture? Would you have tried a wider shot? Something less centered? I was limited by the car window and the position of the buck (and another passenger in the car) but am curious to hear other's ideas.

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Brenda Fishbaugh   Brenda Fishbaugh
How wonderful to have your camera when you get such an unexpected surprise! I personally really like the golden light. I can't believe you got this crisp of a pic through a car window! I'd love to see a bit more neck, but I know the window hurt your range. And I'd consider giving his antler just a bit more room at the top.   Posted: 01/05/2020 20:33:17

Terry Walters   Terry Walters
I think you've captured an excellent portrait of this fella, and the central positioning adds to his strength. A bit more space at the top would have helped, and maybe bring down the background a bit to make him stand out.   Posted: 01/06/2020 07:02:10
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