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Lemon Still Life by Michael Moore

March 2023 - Lemon Still Life

March 2023 - Michael Moore


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As our gloomy winter drags on, I thought I would try my hand at a still life which I could shoot indoors. The original image was taken with my 24mm-105mm lens at 79mm, 1/6 second, f14 at ISO 1000. The scene is lit with two LED panels with the one on the right providing the key light. The image was completely processed in PS. I started with the ACR filter to clean up blemishes on the lemons. I then added a green texture using soft light blend mode for my starting background. A Levels Adjustment layer with graduated filter was used to darken the wood on the right side to better balance the tone on the left. I finally added a yellow texture to bring in a little more yellow to the background to compliment the lemons. This texture also provides the distressing on the bowl. I was trying to achieve the lighting we see in still life paintings from the old masters and go for a painterly effect without the use of filters. I look forward to your perspective and comments.

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Connie Reinhart   Connie Reinhart
The composition with the dish and lemons on a diagonal adds interest. The simplicity of the subject is also interesting - I personally like these quiet, personal images. Your processing brought out the texture of the lemon rinds; the lighting rounds out their shapes nicely. Your added textures have blended the backgroung an table quite well. Often, the old masters paintings are very dark. I added a Topaz Look called 'distressed grunge' to darken it overall; masked the look from the highlights of the lemons. But perhaps this is what you wanted to avoid. This is a very good image.   Posted: 03/07/2023 12:50:03
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Michael Moore   Michael Moore
Thanks Connie. I completely agree that the old masters paintings are typically very dark. I was maybe even a little darker than what you have posted originally and then decided it would look to underexposed - a lack of courage on my part!   Posted: 03/15/2023 13:40:01

Denise McKay   Denise McKay
Michael, I think you did capture the feel of an "old masters" style. The lighting and composition of the lemons and platter at an angle works very well. I'm basically agreeing with what Connie said, LOL. I also feel adding a tad more darkness to the background might add something. I took this into Lightroom and masked just the wall, increased the texture and decreased the exposure, then added a slight dark vignette around the edges of the image. I didn't want to lose the detail and great shadows of the platter, nor the excellent lighting on the lemons, so left those alone. So maybe just changing the background and edges a bit would make a positive difference. Food for thought!   Posted: 03/18/2023 07:23:38
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Michael Moore   Michael Moore
Thanks Denise. Your edits do improve the overall feel. The darker background also brings the lemons forward a bit which is a good thing.   Posted: 03/19/2023 07:30:57


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