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Nature's Heart by Bunny Laden

December 2019 - Nature's Heart

December 2019 - Bunny Laden


About the Image(s)

I started in earnest to learn macro photography this week. I set out to photograph a leaf (among other things), but the seasons have changed so I found only dry leaves. I didn’t notice the heart in this leaf until I had taken numerous photos of it in various orientations. It is lit with natural light from a window and a Lume Cube from the side and back. I set a black foam core board about 10 inches behind the subject.

Darkened black area
Increased white
Cropped : Note that I set my camera so that I see a 16:9 ratio but the chip captures more, so sometimes I add back in what I didn’t see when I captured the image. You’ll notice this “crop” actually adds pixels.

Equipment and Settings
Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 MFT
LUMIX G Macro 30mm/F2.8
ISO 400
1.6 sec at f/11
Lume Cube and camera mounted on a PlatyPod Max


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