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Caught in the Act by Witta Priester

December 2019 - Caught in the Act

December 2019 - Witta Priester


About the Image(s)

I love thrift stores and am often on the lookout for a doll or toy to use in a photo. I bought this clown a couple of months ago and took him to the waterfront and to the cornfield to make some photos. But in the end, he wasn’t as photogenic as I’d hoped, in part because of the position of his arms, which stick out so much.

It then occurred to me to create a composite. I already had photos of an attractive textured glass window and also of a piece of cracked glass. Putting these 3 together, I wanted to create a story of a scary clown breaking into a room at night.

To make this image, I extracted the clown from the cornfield and tried to make it appear as if he was part way into a room, hanging on the window frame, resting before coming through. I modified his (happy) expression (using liquify) so he looked scarier.


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