Ian Cambourne  

Luna Landscape by Ian Cambourne

October 2019 - Luna Landscape

October 2019 - Ian Cambourne


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I have been asked to do a presentation at my camera club this coming November & I chose to do it on Lowlight Photography. Delving through the archives I stumbled across this old fella and thought he might fit. Taken around 5 years ago with my camera attached to a friend's telescope (big telescope, something like 5 feet long and 18 inches in diameter. Only exposure details I can provide are ISO 100; 1/250th; f1 (it says, but I'm not so sure about that); and definitely NOT hand held. Some cropping and a little tweaking and sharpening only.

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Cyndy Doty   Cyndy Doty
Ian - Nice shot!   Posted: 10/09/2019 06:33:46

Sanford Morse   Sanford Morse
Your considerably longer scope certainly increased the sharpness and detail. It looks similar to the one we have, but dare I say it looks upside down?   Posted: 10/10/2019 16:26:51

Trey Foerster   Trey Foerster
You got something I have yet to get or try. I couldn't tell if it was upside down or not, then again you're Down Under! No experience so can't really comment.   Posted: 10/12/2019 14:46:50

Jay Joseph   Jay Joseph
Great picture. Good detail.   Posted: 10/12/2019 20:15:51

Jorn Holm-Pedersen   Jorn Holm-Pedersen
Interesting shot but unfortunately I can't identify Mare Tranquillitatis :-)
I like it!   Posted: 10/16/2019 12:22:11


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