Janice Rosner  

Bay in Fuijan China by Janice Rosner

January 2020 - Bay in Fuijan China

January 2020 - Janice Rosner


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This is sunset at a bay in Fuijan, China. I adjusted it in ACR, decreasing some of the highlights in the sun, and adding some texture, clarity and vibrance. In PS, I removed a spot in the upper left corner, and the distracting boats on the edge of the image. I also added some sharpening detail and increased the tonal contrast. This image was made with my Sony a7riii and 24-105 lens at 35mm. F8 at 1/640 ISO 200.

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Charlie Yang   Charlie Yang
(Group 45)
overall a nicely composed view, wonder if you have any photos from later on that day, as sun as close to the mountain top the better. I bet those will have a softer light and much pleasing result.   Posted: 01/11/2020 18:20:46

Walter Swett   Walter Swett
A very interesting image with a great story. I like how you used the diagonals created by the fishing gear, the curved shore lines and the sharp points of the mountains to compose the image. I like how the sun highlights the one boat. My only suggestion would be to crop the bottom slightly to eliminate what looks like a cut off buoy along the left bottom (just above and left of the J in January). Overall, I think it is a very nice image.   Posted: 01/19/2020 07:38:53
Janice Rosner   Janice Rosner
I appreciate what you said about removing that buoy. Great suggestion. Thank you.   Posted: 01/20/2020 18:06:43

Thomas Bell   Thomas Bell
I have no real constructive comment about your photo.   Posted: 01/26/2020 21:09:53

Kerry McFarlane
I like this very interesting image, there is so much to look at. Good job Janice   Posted: 01/26/2020 23:38:44