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Venice Grand Canal by Bill Foy

April 2021 - Venice Grand Canal

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This image was made about a month before Venice flooded in 2019. It is a view of the Grand Canal from Ponte dell'Accademia on a very bright afternoon. All adjustments in ACR & PS - conversion to B&W, crop, exposure, blacks/whites and vibrance. Nikon D500, Sigma 10-20mm lens @ 12mm, f/16, 1/250, ISO-250, handheld.

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Haru Nagasaki   Haru Nagasaki
Hi Bill,
Thank you for sharing this.
This has great composition - the river creating leading line and boats add depth. Tone value is good as well in my view.
You might want to crop the bottom a bit. It seems to add less value to the image.
But overall nice image.   Posted: 04/03/2021 19:56:48
Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Thanks, Haru. I think you're correct about cropping the bottom. Here is the image with the bottom crop you suggested.   Posted: 04/15/2021 14:03:02
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Haru Nagasaki   Haru Nagasaki
Thank you, Bill for your edit.
Personally, I like this better.   Posted: 04/16/2021 04:25:26

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
A nice composition with leading lines up to the cathedral. The boats create motion to the image. A suggestion for improvement is to increase the contrast as it appears a bit flat and darken the sky with a graduated filter.   Posted: 04/04/2021 02:47:51
Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Thanks, Arne. I added some contrast to image I attached to Haru's comment.   Posted: 04/15/2021 14:04:01

Ying Shi   Ying Shi
Very beautiful scenery of Venice!
I recommend adjusting the angle of the picture to keep the distant buildings vertical. Cut a part of the bottom, to enhance some contrast.   Posted: 04/04/2021 19:04:36
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Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Thank you, Ying.   Posted: 04/15/2021 14:05:10

Tevor Harvey   Tevor Harvey
I have little to add to the above comments, I love the wake of the boat which leads to the cathedral in the background. I think a little off the bottom would strengthen the image further.   Posted: 04/07/2021 15:58:57
Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Thanks, Trevor.   Posted: 04/15/2021 14:05:33

Ata Kemal Sahin   Ata Kemal Sahin
I've been to Venice several times and -apart of canals- it's one of the best street photography destination. I agree with Arne and Ying about enhancing contrast and you could also add some detail on boat wakes on the water. I prefer the size you've posted i.e. do not want to crop the bottom as there must be a balance between water and building density. Well-done Bill, thanks for sharing.   Posted: 04/16/2021 01:35:55


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