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Carpenter's Hall by Bill Foy

October 2020 - Carpenter's Hall

October 2020 - Bill Foy


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How I Did It: This image was made a few days ago in the Independence National Historic Park area of Philadelphia, PA. With the pandemic raging, I found it easy to compose images without people, something that's almost impossible to do during normal times in this area. Conversion to monochrome and all adjustments in Photoshop. Nikon D500, Nikkor 18-70mm lens @ 44mm, f/8, 1/400, ISO-500, handheld.

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Ata Kemal Sahin   Ata Kemal Sahin
Tilting screen is great for these shots, you don't have to kneel down. I can imagine, it's not an easy frame; but you're right to crop wall at the left. Regarding your edit, -compared to original- contrast look a bit high. Thanks for sharing Bill.   Posted: 10/02/2020 00:20:03
Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Thanks, Ata. These old eyes don't let me take s shot like this without kneeling! I don't remember, at this point, how far I moved the contrast slider?   Posted: 10/19/2020 13:17:38

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
I like the leading lines into the entrance. Low camera angle often gives interesting pictures, which you have achieved here. Unfortunately, the closest foreground is out of focus. This could be corrected, I think, by a smaller aperture and changing the focus spot about one third onto the scene. I would also liked to see some more contrasts in the building. I also suggest to darken the top and bottom with a graduated filter.   Posted: 10/03/2020 01:02:26
Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Thanks, Arne. I'm pretty sure I did focus about 1/3 of the way into the image but, when I placed the camera on the ground that the pre-focus didn't work as it should have?   Posted: 10/19/2020 13:21:33

Haru Nagasaki   Haru Nagasaki
Hi Bill,
Thank you for sharing.
I like the B&W version better here. I can enjoy the wide range of tones in B&W.
Nothing new comment from Arne's but your shot from low angle was successful. I like the leading line to the main subject and selection of symmetrical building.
I wish there would be a cloud action in the sky....   Posted: 10/06/2020 20:04:44
Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Thanks, Haru. The sky was like that for the entire day.   Posted: 10/19/2020 13:23:05

David Henderson   David Henderson
Hi Bill
Nice mono image, you have cropped it just right and the low angle gives it a new perspective. Other than that I thing Arne comments cover everything.   Posted: 10/06/2020 20:34:21
Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Thanks, David.   Posted: 10/19/2020 13:23:31

Ying Shi   Ying Shi
The image is clear and crisp, and the building is not deformed.
Perhaps it is the reason for the tone, I feel the lack of impact.   Posted: 10/18/2020 20:15:06
Bill Foy   Bill Foy
Thanks, Ying. In Philadelphia, during the late 1700's, the impact of Carpenter's Hall came from the inside!   Posted: 10/19/2020 13:28:30


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