David Henderson  

Untitled by David Henderson

November 2019 - Untitled

November 2019 - David Henderson


About the Image(s)

Picture was taken with a Canon 5D mark 4 F13 at a shutter speed of 1/100s
ISO 500 with a 35mm-105 lens @ 50mm.

I developed the image in photoshop until I was happy with it, and then processed it in Nik silver pro.

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Pamela Hoaglund   Pamela Hoaglund
For me this busy scene works well in B&W. The tones make it a pleasing scene that reminds me of a Victorian picture.   Posted: 11/10/2019 22:45:02

Arne Skinlo   Arne Skinlo
My first thought was Jurassic Park. I was looking for a dinosaur to show up somewhere :). This image definitely works best in B&W. The B&W conversion is very well done. I like the leading lines from the trees and the path in the middle. My only minor pick is the stick in the foreground that breaks the leading line of the path. Good work, David!   Posted: 11/12/2019 02:11:33


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