Janos Demeter, EPSA  

Beyond the Vegetation by Janos Demeter, EPSA

April 2021 - Beyond the Vegetation

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Here is my landscape for April. It was shot in India on the way between Ladakh and Kashmir. The altitude was 3530 m, so practically beyond/above the vegetation level.
t=1/250,, f/10 and ISO 160

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Matt Conti   Matt Conti
The layers are striking here, Janos. You also pulled out nice contrast between the shadows and highlights to give tremendous dimension from front to back. The sky is perfect as it also brings its own set of layering. I could follow the lines, nooks and crannies all day. The subdued colors from yellow to blue are quite pleasing as well. I do not have any suggestions other than to print it big. I am sure it was quite the experience being there, but I feel you brought some of that to us. Thank you!   Posted: 04/16/2021 07:33:55

Sherry Icardi   Sherry Icardi
Wonderful composition and processing on this to make the most of the barren land that would normally be "bland". But you have taken this and made it into layers with light and shadows. Beautiful job!

Im not sure I would have been able to stand up at that altitude since I have serious altitude sickness. But you have given me a chance to peak into this beautiful landscape! Thanks for sharing.   Posted: 04/16/2021 13:53:34

Debbie Bates   Debbie Bates
Beautiful textures, coloring is just perfect. Great job. Its a wonderful image.   Posted: 04/18/2021 08:58:33


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