Matt Conti  

Sunset over AM Foster Covered Bridge by Matt Conti

April 2021 - Sunset over AM Foster Covered Bridge

About the Image(s)

With the pandemic travel restrictions last Autumn, I took a drive
around some local New England towns to capture the fall colors.
Northern Vermont is filled with covered bridges including this AM
Foster Covered Bridge in Cabot, Vermont. I arrived just as the sun was
setting and captured this scene.

In processing, I combined two images in a vertorama to keep the
sharpness front-to-back and then a separate exposure to blend in the
sky using Photoshop to capture the dynamic range of the sunset.

Camera: Sony a73
Lens: Tamron 17-28 f2.8
Focal Length: 28mm
Exposure: Various
ISO: 100

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Ian Cambourne   Ian Cambourne
Simply stunning image Matt. You've maintained the colours beautifully and caught the setting sun at the perfect moment. The construction of this image is great, even when I scroll it up on my screen to make it a pano by loosing the bottom third, or even a bit more, it does not loose any of its strength.   Posted: 04/15/2021 07:39:30

Janos Demeter   Janos Demeter
Very pleasant colors, excellent composition, nothing to add. Or maybe nitpicking, the surface of the water could be more blueish, turbulent?   Posted: 04/15/2021 10:50:34

Sherry Icardi   Sherry Icardi
Just a beautiful image. Perfect autumn sunset. I do think I might remove some of the foreground .....but that is my would give you a beautiful leading line into the barn and sunset. The colors are spectacular!   Posted: 04/16/2021 13:16:10

Debbie Bates   Debbie Bates
Matt, Its picture perfect. Love the golden color from the sunset. As Ian said it would be great as a pano, but I like the way the foreground leads you in. Beautiful.
  Posted: 04/18/2021 08:54:32


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