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Rainy Morning by Ian Cambourne

October 2020 - Rainy Morning

October 2020 - Ian Cambourne


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A friend and I wanted to photograph the sunrising at one of Sydney's beaches. But the constant drizzling rain told us that was not to be. So instead, we headed for the city. No prizes for guessing this location. taken on Sony a850; Sigma 70-300 lens (at 90mm); ISO 100; f4; 6 seconds, cwa exposure and tripod mounted. Some processing in LR, PS and NIK.

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Sherry Icardi   Sherry Icardi
I love the scene and the dreamy nature of the rainy morning....but I think what I am seeing is chromatic aberration from the lens. I looked at the original and tried to adjust based on lens, but it does nothing to help...so not sure this is really from the lens. Could it have to do with the rainy conditions? I checked on the sizing and it is ~700kb so it is not the size. I love the scene and the Opera House with the water reflection, but wish I knew what caused the color variations. It sure does make me want to travel again! I am missing learning new things!

Could it possibly have something to do with the foggy conditions?   Posted: 10/09/2020 16:00:07

Debbie Bates   Debbie Bates
Ian, beautiful building even with it raining. Love the reflections and the peak of lights on the points of the roof. Nice job.. None of my drizzling rain pictures come out that nice.   Posted: 10/09/2020 21:53:09

Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
This is nicely done. I like to spot similar subjects in the groups. This month, two members have shown the Sydney Opera House:
Ian Cambourne in Group 73.
Phillipa Frederiksen in Group 86.   Posted: 10/15/2020 12:17:36

Dave Ficke   Dave Ficke
I think this is one of those iconic shots and very nicely done. I agree with Sherry it does appear that there is some CA going on and is a bit distracting.

Really enjoy the reflections of the lights in the water - very nice.   Posted: 10/15/2020 16:57:15

Matt Conti   Matt Conti
A well done capture, with pleasing reflections. The mood is set by the rain and the environmental conditions bringing out the glow of the lights at my favorite time of day, blue hour.

If you have a version without cutting off the point of the building on the right, I think that would be even better!   Posted: 10/16/2020 07:34:59

Janos Demeter   Janos Demeter
I love this photo regardless of the CA. Agree with Debbie, it's a pity that you cut a part of the roof in the right. Moreover, maybe you could leave the red light at the left whatever it was.   Posted: 10/18/2020 06:35:27

Peter Cheung   Peter Cheung
Great capture. Beautiful colors. I like the reflections of the iconic building. I agree with the comments that it would be even better without cutting off the right part of the building.   Posted: 10/19/2020 12:02:24


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