Sherry Icardi  

Turner's Beach at Sunrise by Sherry Icardi

September 2020 - Turner's Beach at Sunrise

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This location is right at the causeway between Captiva and Sanibel Islands in Florida. There is a view of both the Gulf and Bay allowing all the beautiful colors from sunrise to reflect on the sunset side. I spotted these beautiful colors a good ways back and just followed the road till I found a spot that shows these beautiful clouds and the water. So while this is sunrise it is actually facing west rather than the traditional east for sunrises. Shot with my Nikon D850 and 24-120 lens

1/500 sec
F/4.0 at 75mm
ISO 320

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Matt Conti   Matt Conti
I like the mood and simplicity of this image, Sherry. The layers and leading line of the fence, beach/water and gorgeous clouds work well together.

This color palette immediately brought me back to Sanibel, quite the beautiful place.

My only suggestion would be to clean up the stray leaves/branches and the bird on the far right side from the grasses which I found a bit distracting.   Posted: 09/15/2020 08:33:53

Ian Cambourne   Ian Cambourne
The location, colors and serenity are superb Sherry. A sunrise captured beautifully. But sorry, I have a problem. The bird on the far right doesn't bother me at all. I expect to see birds fly in the sky at sunrise, that's what they do. My problem is the out of focus grass bottom right and the nearest 2 posts. I feel this image needs them, but they show that about the bottom 20% of the foreground is soft or out of focus. Personally, as they are the nearest elements in this image, I'm have troubles making my eyes climb over that and get into the background.   Posted: 09/20/2020 03:56:01

Janos Demeter   Janos Demeter
Nice clouds, nice color palette. I usually do a bit of dehaze to enhance the contrast of the sky, but then often looks overdone. Anyway, I would play with the contrast of the sky.
I agree with Ian, that the posts are out of focus. Moreover, I wonder whether they add anything to the natural beauty of the place?
  Posted: 09/21/2020 09:27:59

Sherry Icardi   Sherry Icardi
My apologies everyone. I fell while taking my morning walk in late August and was not in the best of shape for working on my PC. I downloaded the wrong image. Same place and different view that was indeed sharp. this one is not in the foreground. When I realized what I did I was not in a space yet I could change it. No long term, injury, just my shoulder was jammed which made PC work very difficult. So colors are the same but this one happens to be in focus. Also why I have not completed comments yet. Hope everyone is well and staying safe! Don't forget to vote if you are an American, it is our way to make our noise heard, either way!   Posted: 09/24/2020 10:46:00
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