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 NSW Bushfires 2019 by Ian Cambourne

December 2019 - NSW Bushfires 2019

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Something different this month. Just some straight photo-journalism. Maybe you have heard in your various news services that here in New South Wales, for the last month we have been suffering greatly from bushfires. I have given up on listening to the statistics, but last time I did listen they were something like between 40 and 50 separate fires, one million hectares affected, 520 homes destroyed and 8 or 10 lives lost. That is from memory and I may be incorrect a little. This image is what some friends and I call a "SOOC" photo. Straight Out Of Camera. No processing whatsoever. We are currently living in a constant haze of smoke. This is a sports oval in our local town. The haze you see is smoke, and it is like that wherever you go. The only thing that changes is its thickness. I have not recorded capture details for this one. The sad fact that makes me and so many others incredibly angry is that a good number of the fires are deliberately lit. Happier photo from me next month.

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Sherry Icardi   Sherry Icardi
What a sad state! Sorry that you are going through those fires.And particularly for those that have lost homes and property. It does make one wonder why someone would be setting fires, but our world is made up of all kinds of people and not all of them have the best interests of the common good high in their priority list.I would imagine there is also significant smell associated with all that smoke and anyone with compromised lungs must be having a difficult time. The photo is telling it like it is, which is pure recording of events. Hopefully you will be able to look back on this when the smoke clears and be glad you documented it. Stay safe!   Posted: 12/10/2019 14:06:00

Janos Demeter   Janos Demeter
Very sad what's happening there. The photo with the smoky air and empty bench is somehow mirroring this feeling.   Posted: 12/15/2019 22:31:31