Ian Cambourne  

 NSW Bushfires 2019 by Ian Cambourne

December 2019 - NSW Bushfires 2019

About the Image(s)

Something different this month. Just some straight photo-journalism. Maybe you have heard in your various news services that here in New South Wales, for the last month we have been suffering greatly from bushfires. I have given up on listening to the statistics, but last time I did listen they were something like between 40 and 50 separate fires, one million hectares affected, 520 homes destroyed and 8 or 10 lives lost. That is from memory and I may be incorrect a little. This image is what some friends and I call a "SOOC" photo. Straight Out Of Camera. No processing whatsoever. We are currently living in a constant haze of smoke. This is a sports oval in our local town. The haze you see is smoke, and it is like that wherever you go. The only thing that changes is its thickness. I have not recorded capture details for this one. The sad fact that makes me and so many others incredibly angry is that a good number of the fires are deliberately lit. Happier photo from me next month.


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