Sherry Icardi  

Old Town, Annecy by Sherry Icardi

October 2019 - Old Town, Annecy

About the Image(s)

About the Image(s)
This was taken while I was lost in the Old Town of Annecy, France. Directions are not my forte, and I could get lost anywhere! I got separated from my group and wandered all over Old Town finding all these beautiful places. This was one of many and I have been going through old shots to try and do a better job of editing. Lightroom has come so far in its capabilities and so I decided to put it to use! The reflections of this are so perfect! I had submitted one to my other group a while back and it did not go over so well...but it was much "busier" shot. So fire away, I really like the image, but I know it is not perfect, would appreciate any suggestions you might have!

Taken with my D750, 24-120 lens at 32mm
ISO 100

And FYI, I did finally make it back to my hotel 3 miles away.....I walked. Somehow that was easier than finding the bus again

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Ian Cambourne   Ian Cambourne
This is a fine image Sherry, you should like it. You ask for suggestions to improve, sorry, but for this one, I can offer nothing earth shattering. Some people down here would say put more clouds in the sky for interest, but I would disagree, that would complicate the reflections on the water, and I also like to have a certain degree of honesty in images. You mention this had a history of being busy. Sorry, but I humbly disagree, this image leans toward a cityscape. Cities (and towns) have people moving around in them. That's what life is all about. A great image Sherry. And I'm glad you made it back to your hotel (with many more images along the way I hope).   Posted: 10/14/2019 06:44:03


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