Adrian Binney, LRPS  

Wolf arrived too late by Adrian Binney, LRPS

October 2020 - Wolf arrived too late

October 2020 - Adrian Binney, LRPS


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hope it's OK to send an image of wildlife taken in a controlled setting, that of the Bear and Wolf Centre of West Yellowstone, which many of you are likely to know.

This was taken in February 2012 whilst on a landscape focussed trip for 8 days in the park, staying at WY. I managed to capture images of one of the wolf pass bonding (which I may use here in future months) but I have always liked this one too.

Taken with a Canon 7D and 70-200 f2.8 lens with x2 converter - at 270mm 1/1250, f5.6 and ISO100. PP all in Lightroom: nothing special required.


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Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
Adrian yes it is OK to submit images created in controlled settings in the Nature + group. The only thing the wolf has left to do is to chew and clean the carcass bones. I like the way you were able to bring out detail and color with your PP, and the snow is perfectly exposed. Image is very sharp. The body language of the wolf is telling you, go away this is my feast. I just wonder how it would look an image with the wolf's whole body.   Posted: 10/14/2020 15:30:38

Randy Dykstra   Randy Dykstra
Yes I've been there. They have an enormous grizzly, in residence. For long time, the only wolf photos I had were taken in CC (controlled Conditions) A couple years ago, I was able to see wild wolves from a long ways off. Finally a couple weeks ago I was able to get some reasonable photos of wild wolves. There a long story in that which I may share along with the photos another month. In addition to Isaac comments, Nice eye enhancement...   Posted: 10/16/2020 17:47:12


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