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Tiger Grouper by Mary Frost

August 2020 - Tiger Grouper

August 2020 - Mary Frost


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This month’s image was taken on the North Shore of Little Cayman Island in the Marine Park. It has been my most frequently visited spot for underwater photography. It was taken in August of 2009 with a Canon G series camera in an Ikelite housing. I was using an excellent Ikeltie substrobe. Because of this powerful light and my close proximity to the tiger grouper, it was taken at f6.3, 1/100 sec. and 100 ISO. My main post processing was to get rid of the bit of sea fan which was close enough to the grouper to pick up light. I also darkened the background and added some contrast to the grouper.

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Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
Mary, once again you are treating us with your magnificent underwater images. Very colorful fish. Lots of other marine items in the frame. Your PP cleaned the distracting white sea fan. I just wonder if you could have used a smaller f/stop to obtain a better DOF, since the back of the fish is soft, but I do not know if it is my imagination since in the original the colors are brighter which shows more of the landscape, and the details more sharp.   Posted: 08/02/2020 08:28:41
Mary Frost   Mary Frost
It is possible that in trying to get the fish to pop, some of the background details lost sharpness. With the limits of light down under, it is difficult to get greater depth of field. When I want depth of field I usually need to rely on ambient light as my main source. Then my substobe just adds foreground illumination.   Posted: 08/02/2020 16:52:56

Marie Costanza   Marie Costanza
Mary, WOW! What a fabulous image. It feels as if the grouper is going to swim right out to greet us. The lighting on its face is very effective. Nice job in PP of cleaning up the sea fan.   Posted: 08/03/2020 10:41:15

Randy Dykstra   Randy Dykstra
Nice photo. Mary do you use a 2 light set up. I always found that a bit much to deal with, especially above water, but it does give nice light. I see shadows indicating a light high and left but wondering if a fill is also coming from about mid right. Nice clear water so you've got them set up right. Groupers of that size are/was quite rare when I was doing a lot of my diving. But marine parks are helping.   Posted: 08/03/2020 18:11:58
Mary Frost   Mary Frost
Randy, I often used 2 substrobes but I don't now for sure in this situation.   Posted: 08/03/2020 19:23:57


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