Bruce Benson  

Eagle Portrait by Bruce Benson

November 2019 - Eagle Portrait

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here is my nature image for November. I took this in Homer Alaska at the eagle ladies compound. If you do not know, she lived on the Homer Spit and fed the eagles in the winter for more than 25 years. She was even featured in National Geographic. She died shortly after this image was taken. I have heard that 90% of all published photos of eagles were taken at her compound.
Canon 1DS MK 2 / Canon 400 2.8/ Canon 1.4 TC
1/1250 /F 7.1/ ISO 200

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Donna Paul   Donna Paul
(Groups 24 & 61)
Very Good!   Posted: 11/10/2019 21:28:46

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
Bruce, this eagle portrait is a masterpiece. The sharpness, the light, the expression of the eagle, the colors. Nothing else to say.   Posted: 11/11/2019 14:08:02
Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Thanks Isaac, I appreciate your kind words. Bruce   Posted: 11/12/2019 20:44:01

Mary Frost   Mary Frost
Bruce, I have rarely seen such a closeup of an eagle's eye.

It certainly is true that the eye tells it all.

How far from the bird were you when you took this photo?

The image grabs the attention of the viewer and doesn't let go!   Posted: 11/11/2019 18:42:41
Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Thanks very much Mary, I was only about 6-8 feet away from the eagle sitting in my car. The eagle lady had a compound which was an RV park in the summer at Homer Alaska. She would allow you to photograph from your car if you parked in the spaces for RV's. This eagle was sitting on a post with the hook up electricity and I was able to back my car into the space and the eagles are used to having people around so did not fly away. Her name was Jean Keane and unfortunately she passed ways shortly after I took this image. She would really bawl you out if you got out of your car. She would allow you to come into her compound if you helped her prepare the hundreds of pounds of fish she fed to the eagles every day.   Posted: 11/12/2019 20:52:39
Mary Frost   Mary Frost
What a great story you have to go with that fine image!   Posted: 11/13/2019 10:51:06

Walt Brunner   Walt Brunner
Bruce, I agree, this is an outstanding photo worthy of an award. I did download the image, (no raw image provided) and ran it through Topaz AIClear to add some more detail on the eagles beak. Either way, this one is a sure winner. Well done!   Posted: 11/12/2019 11:36:00
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Bruce Benson   Bruce Benson
Thanks Walt, I do not have AI clear but looks like a good one to get. I do have Topaz Adjust 5. Bruce   Posted: 11/12/2019 20:55:04

Marie Costanza   Marie Costanza
Bruce, This is the most stunning image of an eagle that I have ever seen! The sharpness of the beak, eye and feathers are highly effective. I love the story that accompanied your image.   Posted: 11/13/2019 18:42:51

Adrian Binney   Adrian Binney
Bruce - A fabulous portrait and a very interesting story with it! Its the jaunty look she has with the angle looking up to the corner which really helps to make this image have character and more appealing. Well done!! The detail and sharpness is fabulous!   Posted: 11/14/2019 12:30:32