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This page is dedicated to discussing gear (camera equipment), software, individual questions, and topics for discussion as well as photographers and photographic works that we may find interesting.

Group Discussion-

How did you become a photographer in the first place? What was your incentive and do you have an image that you took in the beginning that you thought was really good? Do you still like it?

Sarah Cail - Six years ago I had left my job as a seventh grade English teacher because my husband wanted to retire early and possibly buy a small condo in Florida. As a result of leaving a position that I absolutely loved, I became depressed for two years. I no longer was a teacher and my life seemed to have little meaning My husband gave me a point and shoot camera that I really didn't plan to use very much. One day when I was working in my garden, I noticed the beauty of the flowers and leaves, and when in to get my camera. I was pleased with the resulting pictures and started to carry the camera with me all the time. Within a couple months, I won had two local photo contests, including a calendar contest in which my photo was placed on the cover. I guess after that I figured that I found a hobby that I really liked and gradually became passionate about. I then researched and saved my money to buy my first DSLR, a Canon 5D that I figured I could grow into.

I tend to be critical of my photography and especially of my early images, so I have given many photos away. However, there are some pictures that I prize as my first real successes that I still use on my website. The pictures remind me of how much I've learned, and of how I've improved over the years. They also serve to remind me to be thankful for those who passed on their knowledge of this art form.

Thanks for pointing out the bulletin board Sarah. I did a lot of film photography with wild flowers and trout fishing related pics way back with the Minolta SRT 101 type equipment. I quit photography because of personal philosophical issues. Progress many years and my wife gets an unexpected and surprising interest in digital photography. Pretty neat and now I'm back into it. It's an easy hobby to share.   Posted: 07/10/2017 19:14:03

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