Paul McLaughlin  

Braintree Pond a Riot of Colors by Paul McLaughlin

April 2021 - Braintree Pond a Riot of Colors

April 2021 - Paul McLaughlin


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I took this last fall at a pond near my house. I made several small adjustments in processing, the most obvious was the flipping of the image. In addition, I played a bit with the colors, attempted to smudge the foreground a bit, and cropped a fair amount from the edges.

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Mike Patterson   Mike Patterson
What a pretty setting and beautiful image. You did a great job of processing in order to make the colors pop. This would make a nice piece for framing. Just for fun, I cropped in much closer. I don't think the sky at the top adds much and you don't need to show the tops of the trees. I wanted to see what it would look like to focus on the burst of colors in the center and crop out the reeds along the shoreline in the foreground. Your's is nice. I played around to give it another perspective.   Posted: 04/02/2021 08:20:54
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John Zhu   John Zhu
The warm color tune is the most attractive features to me. And the light yellow bush leads my attention to the center of this image. It's a well balanced photo. Love the overall composition and the removal of font branches (as with Mike's) makes the photo more appealing.   Posted: 04/16/2021 19:16:16

Theresa Rice   Theresa Rice
I love the colors and the composition. I also think that flipping it was a good choice. Overall, this is, to me, a very serene and eye-catching image.

I'm of two minds on the cropping issue. The big tree in front is beautiful and the shape is nice. On the other hand, the sky is dull and the reeds at the very bottom are somewhat unattractive.   Posted: 04/21/2021 23:01:16


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