John Zhu  

Scripps Pier and La Jolla with decorated flowers  by John Zhu

February 2021 - Scripps Pier and La Jolla with decorated flowers

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This photo was taken before sunrise last week. It was taken with a Nikon Z7 and 24-70mm zoom lens at ISO 100. It was three HDR shots. LR and PS were applied to bring the image to what I like.

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Theresa Rice   Theresa Rice
I see the paintbrush as a lovely line leading into the city in the background as well as the primary area of interest. I also like the way the distant clouds somewhat mimic the city skyline. To me the flowers and city forms the edges of a triangle that is nicely balanced by the empty space in the upper right I think it helps that the right side of the sky is darker.

Nice image!   Posted: 02/10/2021 07:22:34
John Zhu   John Zhu
Thanks for the description. It makes the scenery alive.   Posted: 02/10/2021 13:56:37

Mike Patterson   Mike Patterson
Beautiful shot! I love how the color of the flowers and soft pinks of the sunrise complement each other. I also have to admire you for getting up so early to capture this image. Well done.   Posted: 02/11/2021 07:12:48
John Zhu   John Zhu
The lighting in the morning there is better than sunset. Also it's a popular photo spot and no one else there in the earlier morning.   Posted: 02/11/2021 12:03:28

Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
Congratulations on a wonderful "near and far" shot. How close were you to the nearest flower and at what f-stop did you shoot this?   Posted: 02/24/2021 00:26:11
John Zhu   John Zhu
Thanks. Maybe 6 to 8 feet away from the flowers. f/16 was used.   Posted: 02/24/2021 11:06:49


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