Mike Patterson  

House on a Cliff by Mike Patterson

March 2020 - House on a Cliff

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I took this image along the Big Sur coast of California. What attracted me about it is the interesting house perched on the edge of the cliff, the green grass and the mist shrouding the cliffs in the background.

I used my old Canon Rebel T2i camera, a 50-250 kit lens shot at 106 mm at f/11, 1/400 second at ISO 400. Adjustments in Lightroom.

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John Zhu   John Zhu
I like the composition and story it tells. The misty makes the little house remote, a peaceful setting. I would try make the house and front grass better focused, and the upper sky a bit darker. Good job.   Posted: 03/13/2020 18:15:01

Nancie Clark   Nancie Clark
You found a great spot! The house is very interesting. The grass is beautiful. The sky on the right felt overpowering to me. I love the fog too.

I played around with it a bit. Cropped out some of the right sky. Took out the power line. And then I played with the fog to give some darker areas to possibly create some depth. You can hate it. haha

I think you captured a great location and moment. I bet the owners would love your shot!   Posted: 03/16/2020 18:48:54
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Marla Henry   Marla Henry
Love this image. I would just remove the power line. It's bright and distracting at the top third of the image.   Posted: 03/20/2020 14:10:10

Trinda Love   Trinda Love
I like Nancie's addition of detail in the background and the power line removal but I like those trees she took out. The green is beautiful but my first thought was wouldn't this look cool in sepia? I think I thought that as the contrast between the softness of the foggy background and the super bright saturated colors was jarring to a unified feeling for me. It's always interesting that the things we notice and love ourselves don't necessarily translate to others. Maybe I'm just in a melancholy mood with all that's happening right now.   Posted: 03/21/2020 16:26:21

Theresa Rice   Theresa Rice
The timing on this image so that there is a narrow band of sunlight on the ridge and back of the house just as the fog slid just a bit to the side of the structure is amazing. I particularly like the pampas grass behind the house and feel that it helps keep the focus on the subject. The power line is a minor distraction for me, but I really like this photo.   Posted: 03/26/2020 19:20:39


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