Theresa Rice  

Cliffside by Theresa Rice

December 2019 - Cliffside

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In reviewing 2019 images, this one popped out as one that had never been processed simply because I didn't know how to remove the dozen or so power lines in Photoshop. It's also an image I've been trying to get for several years. It's the view heading home over the aptly named Cliffside and it always brings to mind the myths about Mount Olympus. (Ironically, these are the Olympics.)

Sony A7RIII at 144 mm, F-8, ISO 200, and shutter speed of 1/125.

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Mike Patterson   Mike Patterson
I like the way you used the bridge to anchor the image. This give it a good focal point. I suggest trying a graduated filter for the top part of the image to lesson the brightness of the mountain. Better yet, try using an adjustment brush along that very white, nearly blown-out, section of the mountain in order to lower the exposure.   Posted: 12/08/2019 17:26:04

John Zhu   John Zhu
It is a great location for powerful shot. I use PS clone stamp tool to remove lines. It's just detailed work and patience. Feel like draw an art work.   Posted: 12/09/2019 18:00:21


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