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2019/2020 New Years Composite by Todd Paige

January 2021 - 2019/2020 New Years Composite

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2019/2020 New Years Composite:

I rarely feel like creating composite images but this is an exception.

On a tripod I shot about 10 images of Reno before the fireworks started (200mm, f8, iso 100, times: 1 sec to 15 sec) I later processed these images as a smart object with a median stack mode to minimize the noise associated with night images and used this as the base image.

Once the fireworks started I shot 97 images during the show (200mm, iso 200, f 8, 4 sec). I then selected the best 5 firework images and using photoshop and the lighter color blend mode and some masking to placed the fireworks around the image to produce this result.

I feel this image clearly falls into the category of composite imagery (or digital art etc) which I prefer to avoid with my other landscape images. Personally I think it is ok to present this type of images as long as we clearly state that the image is a composite.

Best wishes for a new year!

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Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Very nice. You did not mention which camera you are using. On Olympus there is a Live Composite setting that allow one to take a base picture and then to add up only new sources of light on each frame. The end result would give something very similar to this image.
I love it - very festive (breaks down the monotony of Covid-19!)   Posted: 01/15/2021 16:40:58

Lamar Nix   Lamar Nix
The fireworks present a dazzling punctuation to this night image of the city. The compression of time through compositing is a kind of time lapse study, that gets all of the action into one frame. Multiple exposure techniques has been an accepted and creative approach in photography dating at least to the nineteenth century. This is a fine , up to date example!   Posted: 01/18/2021 09:13:12

Kathryn Engle
This turned out really cool! Love this shot. You did a great post processing on these photos to a composite. I have no suggestions. Looks great the way it is!   Posted: 01/18/2021 16:31:59

San Yuan   San Yuan
Nicely done, Todd. With all the Covid lockdown, I really appreciate the tantalizing excitement in this image. Well processed.   Posted: 01/18/2021 20:15:39

Frans Gunterus   Frans Gunterus
Hi Todd, my short comment is 'Job Well Done'. This is definitely ok for 'Color Open' and 'Creatives'.   Posted: 01/19/2021 02:12:27

Judy Murphy   Judy Murphy
Your visual intention is well seen, captured, and executed here Todd. Good job! Lots of preconception, visualization, and conscious involvement enhanced this compelling image. You took nothing and turned it into something. You let go, took the risk, and designed a lovely lovely image.
The compositional hook for me is the fireworks and the colorful buildings. The warm twinkling lights of the background city lights with no distractions to draw me away.   Posted: 01/22/2021 11:05:07


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