Kathryn Engle  

[Patagonia Lake ] by Kathryn Engle

January 2021 - [Patagonia Lake ]

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This is a photo of Patagonia Lake in southern Arizona a few weeks ago. It was taken with my Nikon Z7 at ISO 200, focal length 24mm, 1/30 sec at f/16. Trying to get the late afternoon sun on the vegetation. Just standard LR and PS processing to bring up contrast and other basic changes. I do wish there were some clouds with color but I only had sunny cloudless days while I was there. Wondering if I should crop some of sky out.

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Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Great composition with "orange" lit nature. Nice play on lights and shadows on the hills.
I personally would have like a little less on the top and more of a full mirror on the bottom. Is your original gave more on the bottom?
Lovely!   Posted: 01/15/2021 16:47:20


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