Glen Gilligan, PPSA  

Champagne Pool by Glen Gilligan, PPSA

December 2019 - Champagne Pool

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The Champagne Pool is a prominent geothermal feature about 30km south of Rotorua in the North Island of New Zealand. I had to wait to get the shot as the wind was blowing sulphur filled steam into my face. The pool is 260 C or 500 F. I have seen the shot before and was attracted by the vivid colours and the curved edge.

Camera- Nikon D810
Lens- Nikor 28-300mm at 44mm.
Aperture- F11
Shutter- 1/640sec
Hand Held.

I cropped to a ratio of 16:9 as I like this dimension for my landscapes. I used the sliders in ACR to sharpen and saturate slightly. I used 1/640sec as I wanted the steam frozen. Cheers Glenn
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