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Blue Ocean, Bangka - Indonesia by Frans Gunterus

November 2019 - Blue Ocean, Bangka - Indonesia

November 2019 - Frans Gunterus


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Canon EOS 6D, 2.5 f/10.0, ISO 100. Lens Canon L IS USM EF 24-105 at 24 mm.

One of my pitfalls as an in-experience photographer is to envisage which frame of the scene should I choose. I just learned in a hard way from Pierre’s posting last month ... how he cropped tight to get a more stunning frame. This month I make a little bit of experiment and wanting your comments.

This image was taken in a rural area used to be a local mining site. The water trapped among the ponds looked almost like a deep blue ocean if you look it closer. But I missed to capture the scene into small frames. Now, I cropped it much tighter in order to get a ‘Deep Blue Ocean’ corner with the expense of image noise. I purposely blurred out the foreground to get the sense of depth like shooting by drone.

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Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Really nice colors, water reflection, shadow/light alternation and directing lines. Great Image. I really like it.
To crop or not to crop! Sometimes it is obvious. For example, a bird in flight with a wingtip cut off - I would crop on an interesting detail instead of showing that I missed the shot! For panorama, I frequently take large Panos and then do multiple versions with more sequences on the right or left, etc... Other times, I would focus on a particular area that I find more interesting/captivating.
It is an art - no obvious wrong or right!
  Posted: 11/02/2019 15:38:00


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