Pierre Williot  

Palouse by Pierre Williot

October 2019 - Palouse

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Equipment: Panasonic Lumix DC-G9, Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm f/2.8, Tripod with Gimbal head.

Set Up: ASO 200, 150 mm (Full frame equivalent 300 mm), f/11, Bracketing -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 (1/13, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/200 sec).
Blending and minor adjustments in LightRoom.

This photography was created the week before the PSA meeting from Steptoe Butte during the Sunset.

Pierre Williot

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Judy Murphy   Judy Murphy
My instantaneous reaction to this image was: "It's the Palouse." And I've never even been there. So yes this landscape photo has impact.

Artistically I see the contour planted rolling fields going on and on into the distance, some harvested some not, in all tones of fall color. There are layers and layers of dark and light fields creating diagonal lines throughout the image with occasional tree lines and a white building that draws the eye and provides it a place to rest and help balance the scene. This building, perhaps it's a barn, provides strong foreground interest to anchor the image.

Technically the bracketing @f11 produced a well exposed well focused image with full depth of field from front to back. There is detail in the highlights and the shadows.

The very distal blue ridge is a bit dark and hazy which I don't think adds to the image. Perhaps dehaze can bring it up some for you; if not perhaps you could consider cropping it out.

Your choice of a vertically cropped image is intriguing as the scene is all about horizontal lines. I would think horizontal would be the choice. But as my eye travels front to back it seems to give me more space to explore than a landscape format would.

The color palate is subdued in the yellow/gold range of fall. I would be tempted to try using local adjustment brushes on the fields to add a greater sense of depth, sense of 3D throughout the scene.

I particularly like the foreground of dark harvested field, bright diagonal wheat field ready for harvest that grabs and draws me in with the white barn beyond in shadow. Lovely image to help memorialize your PSA Conference.

Would love to see the original. B&W should also always be considered.

  Posted: 10/14/2019 14:21:23
Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Hi Judy,
Thanks for these nice comments. This is a beautiful area for sure. I would like to go back in late spring/early summer for the various crops colors.
I tried cropping pictures both ways. Here, I wanted to increase the feeling of depth by doing a vertical crop (vertical pict). I have many similar pictures but needed to chose one only form this forum. I also converted some of my captures in B/W and included an example.   Posted: 10/19/2019 08:21:51
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A stunning image with the Wow factor. The undulating lines created by the hill produce beautiful patterns and when the golden colour is added an outstanding image is captured. The tractor tracks and the farmhouse at the bottom right adds to the story. In my opinion presenting the image as a portrait is a good choice but would try the image as a landscape to see what it looks like as well. I like how the rows of trees breaks up the lovely golden colour. The colour palette is outstanding. Well seen. Congratulations. Cheers Glenn   Posted: 10/17/2019 19:13:32
Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Thanks Glen for these nice comments. I do have many pictures in the horizontal mode. Here is an example.   Posted: 10/19/2019 08:24:56
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Judy Murphy   Judy Murphy
Your dividend images are stunning! B&W very impactful. Thanks.   Posted: 10/20/2019 13:16:23

Frans Gunterus   Frans Gunterus
My review this time is based on your original image, the B&W version in response to Judy's comments and the panoramic color version in response to Glen's comments. You make me learn how as a photographer we need to listen to our viewer voice. We want people enjoy seeing our image. It's a sharing photographic ego to our viewers. To me, the color panoramic is the one that I like the most. Essentially, it's the same image. You have just demonstrated how framing and cropping can substatially make a difference. Thanks for your lesson this time Pierre!   Posted: 10/20/2019 20:31:01

Lamar Nix   Lamar Nix
The Palouse is a magical place, for sure! The wide variety of points of interest in the vast landscape scene depicted here well holds the viewer's attention. Comparing the two, your b&w version is the stronger, partly because of the deeper toned shadows. The color composition I suspect would have more presence by bumping up the mid-tone and shadow contrast. Very striking image!   Posted: 10/21/2019 07:40:18
Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Magical place indeed. I was there just before the PSA meeting in Spokane.
Thanks for your nice comments.   Posted: 10/24/2019 18:19:54

Todd Paige   Todd Paige
Hi Pierre,

I'm so used to seeing Palouse photos in green that I feel this fall shot is a nice change! The photo already seems to have a slight transition from warm foreground to cooler background and I think that could be emphasized a little more. Also, I like the idea of a portrait crop used to show how the hills go on and on. The current crop looks almost square to me and I feel it would be interesting to use something even narrower like a 5x7 ratio.   Posted: 10/24/2019 11:25:14