Candy Childrey, PPSA  

GBH in Fog by Candy Childrey, PPSA

April 2021 - GBH in Fog

April 2021 - Candy Childrey, PPSA


About the Image(s)

F 6.7, 1/800 sec, iso 800, 35 mm focal length 600 mm

Zuiko 75-300 mm lens

The image was taken one morning after the fog rolled in. Image was cropped and flipped. Some distracting elements were removed, sharpening, and some burning.

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Brenda Fishbaugh   Brenda Fishbaugh
Interesting high key, Candy! And a great Great Blue Heron behavior that stops our eye with the mouthful of green fluff. The lines are simple and clean. Brilliant. I would have probably just deleted the photo, thinking it was too bright, but I love the almost Chinese simplicity of it.

I am surprised you flipped light the weight on the right, and so that's why you did flip?

And you didn't add a background, what was your thinking on not adding a texture that we see in so many of your compositions.   Posted: 04/03/2021 11:16:06
Candy Childrey   Candy Childrey
Brenda, I usually anchor my images on the right. They seem to work better there. No background texture was added because the image is about the bird in the fog. The fog in this case had no texture. It covered the entire area with the same texture which was a flat fog texture.   Posted: 04/10/2021 15:29:44

Mervyn Hurwitz   Mervyn Hurwitz
What an unusual rendition of the heron, the fog adding a different dimension. I would like to see just a tad more contrast in the neck to provide just a little more definition.   Posted: 04/10/2021 10:17:41

Dean Ginther   Dean Ginther
This looks like a fine art image or something you would see in an Audubon book - very well done.   Posted: 04/10/2021 15:57:07

Geoff Wiggins   Geoff Wiggins
I can see this on a wall Candy, like the lighting and the texture on the neck of the bird. I would love to have seen the whole bird without so much of the bush but I know that that is not always possible and I would not have missed the shot you captured waiting for such an opportunity. I have enjoyed the pic.   Posted: 04/13/2021 22:07:35

Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Very nice high key image. I love the simplicity. I agree with the previous comments.
I think that to reinforce that it was very foggy, I would put a graduated filter on the bottom half of the image and increase the "Haze" on the bottom half. Just a suggestion.
Very well done.   Posted: 04/21/2021 10:30:34

Jacob Wat   Jacob Wat
This is a very nice photo. I do think a little extra contrast may help bright the bird more forward. Besides that it is really well done and I wouldn't change a thing.   Posted: 04/22/2021 08:09:45


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