Mervyn Hurwitz  

Stilt by Mervyn Hurwitz

December 2019 - Stilt

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Stilt fishing at Wakodahatchee wetland.
Canon 60D with Tamron 150-600 set at 250mm
ISO 400, f6.3, 1/640
The head was moving so is not as sharp as the rest of the bird. Is it sharp enough?

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Brenda Fishbaugh   Brenda Fishbaugh
Merwyn, Unfortunately, I think your stilt is a little too soft in the head and legs. And, sadly, we aren't getting a great view of his eye, which is important. But I will defer to the 'birders' in the group that know much more than me! Did you try selective sharpening on him?

I really like the diagonal you created and the tiny creature in his mouth. And his reflection adds interest, although I'd give the bottom a tad more room, if you have it.

You were close! I hope we can photograph again soon! I'm living in Sebring FL until late April, so name a date and place!   Posted: 12/01/2019 16:24:15

Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Nice action with its mirror image. Vivid red legs contrasting with the B/W body. I think that the head is slightly out of focus but this could be in part due to the limitations caused by a small file format of the posting.
Very nice.   Posted: 12/14/2019 10:18:34

Candy Childrey   Candy Childrey
Mervyn, good angle of the stilt and nice reflection. The red legs certainly add color and interest. The head appears somewhat soft at the close range we view on the computer. However, when it is viewed further away as would be viewed projected, it doesn't seen to appear too soft. The little fish in the mouth is an added piece of interest.   Posted: 12/14/2019 14:14:16

Geoffrey Wiggins   Geoffrey Wiggins
Like the reflections Mervyn, again I like the variety of birds that you have to photograph and you do seem to bring out the best in them. The rest has already been said. Well done   Posted: 12/15/2019 05:14:11

Jacob Wat   Jacob Wat
I love the reflection and how clear it is. Beyond that the color in the legs and how it pops against the darker background. Beyond that the quality of the bird really looks nice.   Posted: 12/22/2019 19:55:26