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Gannet by Geoffrey Wiggins

December 2019 - Gannet

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Time for another pic. I have spent the weekend at Point Danger. It is the largest gannet rookery in Australia and the only one. Birds travel as far as Mauritius off the coast of Africa, some 7000 kms. To make their nests and bread. They dive from great heights around 30 meters reaching speeds of 100 kms. per hour, as they stretch their wings back and pierce the sea to depths of several meters to catch their prey using their swept back gills covered with serrations. The one enclosed is a little busy carting seaweed for its nest.

ISO 400 1/4000 sec f8. 500mm

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Brenda Fishbaugh   Brenda Fishbaugh
Geoffrey, I always enjoy your nature lessons about the amazing wildlife in Australia!

Now that I am in Florida for six months (we are new Snowbirds), I look forward to learning how to catch birds in flight, as my rare experiences have not turned into much! So, bravo!

The face seems a bit soft, but the close wing is crisp. I will wait for our bird experts, but I think this could have been improved with a higher f/8 number. You don't say what post-processing you used. You might be able to run some selective sharpening on just him to help his face.

The photo seems a bit grainy with noise and keeps pulling my eye off your gannet. Did you run noise reduction to smooth out your sky?

A nest out of seaweed! What a wild concept I have never heard about!   Posted: 12/01/2019 17:24:08

Geoffrey Wiggins   Geoffrey Wiggins
Thanks Brenda, I was a little careless in my processing. There is a little movement in the bird, I thought that 1/4000 would be enough to freeze it but I must have got my panning wrong. I have done as you rightly suggested and sharpened it and smoothed the grain a little I hope that this improves it.   Posted: 12/01/2019 21:36:32
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