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Frogs by Dean Ginther

August 2019 - Frogs

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It is that time of year again when the frogs are active in our small pond and every time I walk by I take a look to see what's going on. I saw this frog on a rock and got my camera out and took some pics but didn't realize until I started doing the editing that there were actually two frogs (Green frogs, I think). I was using my Pentax K-1 with a 300 crop sensor lens, ISO 100, .7 sec at F11.

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Geoffrey Wiggins   Geoffrey Wiggins
Lucky you Dean having them in your pond. Great pic, sharp and good lighting. I would possible like to get rid of the green leaf. Just find it a little distracting.   Posted: 08/07/2019 04:24:38

Mervyn Hurwitz   Mervyn Hurwitz
The frogs are great and well positioned in the format. The left frog almost looks like a mirror image! Please tone down that bright green leaf as it is a definite distraction. I would also crop some from the top which would take the frogs eyes out of the center.   Posted: 08/11/2019 13:20:23
Dean Ginther   Dean Ginther
Here I removed the leaf.   Posted: 08/11/2019 13:54:41
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Mervyn Hurwitz   Mervyn Hurwitz
Looks much better without the leaf. Well done.   Posted: 08/12/2019 13:32:28

Dean Ginther   Dean Ginther
Thanks Mervyn.   Posted: 08/11/2019 13:29:23

Candy Childrey   Candy Childrey
Nice improvement removing the leaf, Dean. The frogs are well placed, crisp, and the white rock gives a nice contrast for the right frog.   Posted: 08/12/2019 12:49:31

Pierre Williot   Pierre Williot
Very nice capture. I agree with everyone in removing the leaf - although this is not always allowed in competitions (very important to read all the rules....). It looks like they might have a conversation. Nice colors, focus and cropping.
Great!   Posted: 08/16/2019 12:00:59