Brian Davis, MPSA  

Fountains Abbey by Brian Davis, MPSA

March 2023 - Fountains Abbey

March 2023 - Brian Davis, MPSA


March 2023 - Brian Davis, MPSA


March 2023 - Brian Davis, MPSA


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Fountains Abbey is a ruined Cistercian monastery which was founded in 1132 by 13 Benedictine monks, who became Cistercian three years later and grew the abbey until it was closed by Henry VIII in 1539 when he dissolved all monasteries. It is now a world heritage site

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David Allen   David Allen
Great image of the monastery ruins. I wonder what some of todays buildings might be like after 900 years of being abandoned. I like the tree on the right and all the nice color.   Posted: 03/09/2023 19:38:17

Dr V G Mohanan Nair   Dr V G Mohanan Nair
Nice image with good depth. There is no window violation. The image is sharp and has good lighting. I liked the composition too. Well done.   Posted: 03/22/2023 02:37:46

Steve Wessing   Steve Wessing
Very nice. I might have boosted the color saturation, but that's just my taste. It works well as it is.   Posted: 03/25/2023 12:20:42

Barry Rothstein   Barry Rothstein
Good sharp shot. I think it could use a broader inter-ocular to give it better stereo depth.   Posted: 03/26/2023 15:47:01

Signe Emmerich   Signe Emmerich
I like the history you share with us on many of your images. This is a nice, sharp image of the ruins with leaf-less trees that add "mood" to the ruins. I also like the higher foreground to give just a slightly different plane to the scene. What area of England is this?   Posted: 03/28/2023 19:48:53
Brian Davis   Brian Davis
It is in the northern part of England in North Yorkshire   Posted: 03/29/2023 13:03:29