David Allen  

Photo Shoot at PSA by David Allen

October 2019 - Photo Shoot at PSA

October 2019 - David Allen


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While at PSA, I walked into the Portraits Workshop room and there were only 2 photographers there at the time. So I stepped over and took a few shots with my W3. They had much better cameras - but here’s what I got. I couldn’t get in real close to eliminate the flair and over exposed face because of the lens spacing of the W3. I cropped it down from the wide format of the W3. Great to meet a few more 3D friends at PSA!

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Brian Davis   Brian Davis
You have already mentioned the problems of the image namely the over exposed face and beard and it is a pity that you could not have altered the pose the reduce or eliminate the problems. The pose is good and quite suitable for theman and his age   Posted: 10/14/2019 13:44:23


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