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Spring in New York City by Wayne Stelk

December 2019 - Spring in New York City

December 2019 - Wayne Stelk


About the Image(s)

Camera: Sony DSC RX10 IV

Settings: 1/800 sec, f/4.0, ISO 100, 400mm equiv, hand-held

In April 2019, I was walking among gardens in Battery Park City, NYC. Of the many flower shots I gathered that day, I liked this one that contrasts the brightly colored tulips against the drab, gray stone sidewalk as background.

I took the shot with a wide aperture using a long focal length for a shallow DOF. In post-processing, I framed the image with a square crop to give the flower-cluster an equal border on all sides. I kept the contrast and clarity low in order to bring out the bright colors, trying to keep the sidewalk and surrounding greenery as unobtrusive as possible. I played a lot with the HSL sliders in order to bring out the bright reds and yellows. I saturated the reds and yellows, while increasing their luminosity for a brightness effect. Unfortunately, the edges of the sidewalk bricks were framed by moss that became more visible as I increased the saturation and luminosity of yellow in the tulips. Given the shallow DOF, the edges of the bricks show up as fuzzy geometric lines in the background.

The visual effect that I wanted in this image was: bright spring flowers against a dull, subdued city-street background. I’ll be interested in feedback about how I might have made this effect stronger.


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