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August 2019 - Jhari

August 2019 - Madhusudhan Srinivasan


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In our recent family trip to a hill station, the local guide took us to this beautiful waterfalls. However, by the time we went there, the falls was filled with visitors enjoying its beauty and I couldn’t plan for such shot. I requested the guide to bring me to the spot again next day morning to get such mesmerizing view. Felt happy and content of being there on a fresh morning to get this image into my repository.

Gears used:

Nikon D7200, Nikkor 10-20mm with 8 stops ND filter, used Tripod

6 Sec SS, f22, IS0100, EV +1, @10mm, Weighted Avg. Metering

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Richard Matheny   Richard Matheny
Good move sir requesting the guide bring you back to this spot. I can see the possibility of many images in the frame. It seems to me that you are trying to tell the complete story surrounding the beautiful waterfalls by leaving so much of the water pool and rock in the foreground. I'm sure you could have picked bits and pieces of this scene that would have afforded you equally beautiful images. The ND filter certainly helped with some of the blown out highlights. I am wondering if you had used a 3 stop ND or even a Graduated ND filter if it would have allowed you to capture the same effect on the waterfall using a faster much shutter speed so that the pool of water would not have been blurred as much. That's a personal thing I would like to see more detail in the rocks under the water. I think it's a great image. I don't see too many waterfalls around with that nice and clean pool of water. I see you took out most of the white sky and that was a good thing. I may have taken out a little more. Good work Madhusudan.   Posted: 08/05/2019 13:30:55
Madhusudhan Srinivasan   Madhusudhan Srinivasan
Thanks Richard. It's a good tip to do a kind of jig saw of this image and see different frames that can be developed. Will look into the same.   Posted: 08/22/2019 05:34:27

Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
This is a beautiful location and you have captured a most striking image. As Richard noted you did well cropping off much of the white sky, but like he said, maybe a bit more would be better. His suggestion on the use of a GND may also have improved the sky situation.

If you shot this in RAW it appears you might be able to bring back some additional detail in the water of the falls by bringing down the highlights--I think I see some texture in the image.

You have taken a grand pano image capturing the entire area which works well with all the interesting rocks. For me that large black hole on the right in the trees is somewhat annoying I would use the adjustment brush in Lightroom to bring out some detail in that area so that it is not so eye catching.   Posted: 08/06/2019 18:50:02

Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
I had some time to play around with your waterfall and made a few adjustments. They suit my personality and may not meet your style. I'm just offering some possibilities. If you want to know what adjustments I made, let me know.   Posted: 08/06/2019 19:01:30
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Madhusudhan Srinivasan   Madhusudhan Srinivasan
Perfect Larry. However, Richard & you have given a useful tip to play with the image a bit more. I posted this image in recent salons and got only couple of acceptances. Wondered why... but now I know the possible reasons :)

I do like to know the adjustments you made to the image. Will help for future editing as well.   Posted: 08/22/2019 05:39:54

Michael Weatherford   Michael Weatherford
You picked a beautiful location. You did a nice job of recovering the almost washed out detail in the rock face. I would crop out the overexposed sky - it's a distraction and probably can't be improved, and I see that Larry did that in his adjustments. I really like the rocks in the foreground and the way they seem to point toward the waterfall. I would include all of the foreground rocks in the original, especially the long one. And I think it would be worth a try to widen the crop all the way out to the original, to me that would give the overall image more balance. Thanks for posting a good image!   Posted: 08/09/2019 10:05:06
Madhusudhan Srinivasan   Madhusudhan Srinivasan
Thanks Michael. I included them to 1. show the pointing toward the falls and the complementing perspective given by the wide lens using these rocks 2. to show the vastness of the surrounding.
There were 2 more elements I wished to include but could not. A popping out root and big sucker moth fishes in the water. Fishes, did not even bother to come to my side unlike the previous day where they were almost biting our feet in the water :)
Root, I could not bring it into the frame otherwise would have ruined the composition.   Posted: 08/22/2019 06:14:42
Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
Sometimes less is more. You don't have to get everything into the photo.

As a reference check out my additions to my image and see how little of the first image I used to come of with my submission for the month I just took a tiny part of the scene to get what I wanted.   Posted: 08/22/2019 10:54:03

Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
I do sort of agree with Michael about the rocks in the foreground. The entire collection does make for some really interesting leading lines as they seem to point back to the falls. In my crop I rejected the use of all of the foreground rocks because to include them I had to include jumble of trees and brush on the far left. I felt this weakened the composition. But Madhu really did see something interesting in all those rocks. They are strong composition elements.   Posted: 08/09/2019 10:44:03
Madhusudhan Srinivasan   Madhusudhan Srinivasan
Thanks again Larry. I do see you read my thought of including the rocks in the frame.   Posted: 08/22/2019 06:15:29

Cheryl Pauley   Cheryl Pauley
What a lovely location! I agree with Michael on trying a pano shot since the large rocks on both sides make a nice frame. However, it might actually detract from the waterfall itself. I do like Larry's version but would have left a bit more space on the right side. Your sharpening and saturation of the image, especially the large rock by the waterfall, made it a place where the viewer might want to step into the cool waters. The 6 second exposure also gave the water a nice silky look. It's always a pleasure to see images from your country!   Posted: 08/13/2019 22:45:10
Madhusudhan Srinivasan   Madhusudhan Srinivasan
Thanks Cheryl. This is something I love in photography/videography + the social media and such groups to share best practices + other things from different locations. People like me can really enjoy the beauty even without traveling for various reasons.   Posted: 08/22/2019 06:17:32

Wayne Stelk   Wayne Stelk
Madhusudhan, it looks like you are channeling Larry with this wispy waterfall scene. You did a nice job capturing the scene and following-up with post-processing. You have a wide dynamic range in this image (bright sky and dark shadow in the trees). I agree with others in the group that cropping the troublesome areas helps the composition and the extreme highlights and shadows (as Larry has done in his version). It's always tough to avoid visitors who loom large in the foreground. You were smart to return in the morning. Your resulting image was worth the effort!   Posted: 08/14/2019 19:19:45
Madhusudhan Srinivasan   Madhusudhan Srinivasan
Thanks Wayne. Yes, the visitors were playing in the water that had made the water look muddy on the previous day. But happy I could get this in the morning.
"Channeling Wayne..." - haha its a long tunnel to even attempt to get on that side... but worth trying provided he is ready to mentor. What say Larry? :)   Posted: 08/22/2019 09:12:52
Larry Treadwell   Larry Treadwell
This response is to your question but it is for everyone else as well. I'd would be happy and more than willing to answer any question you or anyone in the group wants to ask. I'm far from a guru but I'm willing to help in anyway I can. All you need to do is ask and I'll do my best. If I don't have an answer---I'll try to find one.

I'd honestly like to help everyone improve, that is the goal.
I'm also willing to listen to any critiques of my images---I am always learn too.

Keep those questions coming.   Posted: 08/22/2019 10:59:27

Todd Grivetti   Todd Grivetti
Madhu, gorgeous capture of the waterfall and the slow shutter and ND filter definitely adds to the enhancement of the "cotton candy" effect. I concur with several regarding the "washout" of the upper left hand of the photo. This is distracts the viewer from what you were really shooting....the water fall.

Decreasing the highlights would really bring the brightness down as well as bring out the detail in the rock face and colors of the deep green trees as well as the rocks in the forground. Great exposure at 6 sec as it really gives the image a soft feel. I played with this a bit and cropped out the left side of the image and pulled the focus intently on the waterfall. I kept the rocks in the foreground to a certain degree, and then also did a little geometric manipulation and rotated the image horizontally to the left which really brought the waterfall into perspective.   Posted: 08/15/2019 22:33:18
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Madhusudhan Srinivasan   Madhusudhan Srinivasan
Appreciate it Todd. Interesting to see different perspectives. However, in this crop, although the attention is on waterfalls, the single black rock in the center fg seems to be distracting and obstructing the flow. As Richard mentioned, I think it is good to slice & dice the image to work on various composition.   Posted: 08/22/2019 09:17:04
Todd Grivetti   Todd Grivetti
You absolutely make a great point about the rock. I love this discussion and the ability to "see" the image.   Posted: 08/27/2019 21:33:05