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Stone Bridge by Charles Walker

April 2021 - Stone Bridge

April 2021 - Charles Walker


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This is an image of a stone bridge made by the CCC during the Depression at Letchworth State Park. These enduring bridges and walls at Letchworth were made from native stones manually carried up the steep banks the Genesee River. I used the creek as a leading line and, through cropping, tried to balance the patches of highlights to create an acceptable composition. I removed some the distracting foliage near the bridge and applied a sepia filter to soften the contrasts. Camera data: Nikon D7000 with converted 590nm filter, f/8, 1/125, 16mm, ISO=400.

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Palli Gajree   Palli Gajree
Hi Charles
What a terrific image you've given us to enjoy! I like your post-processing, bringing out all the details where necessary. Those few highlights creeping under the bridge is a fine touch. Warm tone adds to the drama. 10/10 !!   Posted: 04/02/2021 00:25:39

Gary Potts   Gary Potts
Hi Charles,

This is stunning. I played with options...and there are many...but I came back to this version and said "YES"! Strong composition and post-processing treatment in my view. You could go endless ways with this in lightening/darkening/toning...but why? This works very well.   Posted: 04/02/2021 07:27:14

Jack Florence Jr   Jack Florence Jr
I agree with the others Charles in that you've created a classic infrared mood here, very nice. My only minor issue is that the very bright foreground leaves compete with the bridge for my attention, creating kind of ping pong effect. It doesn't seem to be an issue for others, so probably not a big deal.   Posted: 04/04/2021 11:03:44

Arik Gorban   Arik Gorban
Beautifully seen, captured and handled. I like it as is. The composition, tonal range, and details are good.   Posted: 04/04/2021 15:48:51

Emil Davidzuk   Emil Davidzuk

Well done. Your tripod was in the perfect position on this composition

Emil   Posted: 04/06/2021 11:31:42

Melanie Hurwitz   Melanie Hurwitz
Hi Chuck, A classic peaceful scene that is so well captured.
I like your selected tones. I do think that the bridge could do with a touch of added contrast. Well seen!   Posted: 04/10/2021 10:23:18


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