Gary Potts, APSA, GMPSA, SPSA  

Symmetry by Gary Potts, APSA, GMPSA, SPSA

January 2020 - Symmetry

January 2020 - Gary Potts, APSA, GMPSA, SPSA


About the Image(s)

Taken very recently at the front entrance of our housing development, just a quarter mile from our home. Note I completely changed the format to vertical as I thought it simply had more impact. You can tell me if you agree. Converted to monochrome with Silver Efex Pro. Selective darkening and lightening and a mild vignette applied. Nikon D300, 18-70mm lens at 34mm, ISO 400. f6.7, 1/90th second exposure.

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Emil Davidzuk   Emil Davidzuk

I like the outcome of your processing very much. Vertical is perfect for this vanishing point type image. I like the mood your treatment of the trees lining the path creates. If a beggar could be a chooser, I would like a dark sky with long steaky clouds in this image.

Emil   Posted: 01/04/2020 11:43:37

Melanie Hurwitz   Melanie Hurwitz
Hi Gary, Making this into a vertical was the way to go. I love the very strong line the pathway make to the lone tree.
It looks to me like you put some kind of filter (more than a vignette) over the image to create mood, which has blurred out the base of you image, which is sharp on the original. I did try and convert myself but saw that the far tree was lost in my final image. Was one there or did you add it? If you did, that was a great idea. Bottom line is that for me, it much stronger without the vignette.   Posted: 01/15/2020 13:46:37

Charles Walker   Charles Walker
Gary, symmetry indeed. Converting to vertical not only brought out the symmetry but also cropped out the distracting white signs on the extreme left and right. I like what post processing did to the walkway, darkening it and adding texture. My eye wants less vignetting . . . but not sure about this.   Posted: 01/19/2020 21:02:54