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Everglades by Ernie Brana

December 2019 - Everglades

December 2019 - Ernie Brana


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Converted Sony A7 to 850nm by KolariVision 55mm f1.8 Lens | f2.8 | ISO 100 | 1/20sec
This image was taken near Clyde Butcher’s place in Big Cypress National Preserve earlier this year. In the image I was able to capture a fairly sized alligator floating by in the water. The top part of the image is pretty busy with reflections from the tree canopy and filtered sun. I was not sure how the alligator would come out in an infrared image, now I know. Was able to capture the alligator’s skin texture pretty well but was not able to burn parts on the alligator’s back and snout that were getting direct sunlight. Image processed in Adobe RAW, PhotoShop, Nik Color Effects, and Nik Silver Effects. Final image cropped a bit of the top given that are was too busy with reflections. Welcome any feedback. Cheers!

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Gary Potts   Gary Potts
Hi Ernie,

Firstly...TOP MARKS for seeing this and taking it in IR! What a moody image. The one thing bothering my eye was all the mottled water in the upper half of the frame and all the jet black in the lower half...didn't seem quite balanced to me. I took the image and used a combination of Content Aware Fill along with simple cloning to add some of those reflections into that black foreground. It is CRUDELY done for purposes of could be much more elegantly done. After that, I used Color Efex Pro to add a black vignette to emphasize the back of the 'gator. What do you think of the alternate view?   Posted: 12/06/2019 12:47:05
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