Lynne Hollingsworth  

Macro Violet  by Lynne Hollingsworth

April 2021 - Macro Violet

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I brought home a new African Violet the other day from a local nursery, and was immediately drawn to the pistils and stamens in the center of the flowers. And since it was my birthday on the 31st, I had a brand new camera body to play with - from the D7000 to the D850. A "from me to me" gift...

For the image I used my 105mm macro lens on a tripod and after 8 shots, used photoshop to focus stack. I know this camera can focus stack in camera, but I haven't gotten there yet. Settings were 1/5 sec, f/8, 100 ISO. I wanted to maintain depth of field, but I was taking the image on the kitchen table and wanted to use natural light. A reflector was used.

Post processing (after stacking) included cropping, removing some black dirt specks and flipping the image horizontally. Let me know what you think.

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Michael Ross
I like this a lot, though I would not have recognized this as an African violet (which for me is one of the joys of this type of macro photography). The results of the stacking around the pistils and stamen, right down to the pollen grains along with the hairs on some of the petals is excellent.
The petal beneath the center of the flower comes out anteriorly and is out of focus, which is slightly distracting: the only way to avoid that would be to stack a much larger number of images (I have done that for some other flowers: I have gone as high as 30+ images.) I am currently using Canon that does not have in camera stacking ability so am using Photoshop, which can handle that number readily, even if it takes a fair amount of processing time. Michael   Posted: 04/07/2021 12:31:40


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