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Red Angles by Charles Ginsburgh

April 2021 - Red Angles

April 2021 - Charles Ginsburgh


April 2021 - Charles Ginsburgh

Original 2

April 2021 - Charles Ginsburgh

Original 3

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Here is another image of a hexagon puzzle that I found. These are a series of progressively smaller hexagons nested inside one another. The entire puzzle is about five inches in diameter. My goal here was to illuminate the puzzle from underneath with different colored lights to get a variety of forms and shapes. Here I first though of this I ordered the puzzle in white (its plastic), but the black version arrived. I reordered the white version since I thought that that version would capture and reflect the colored light more effectively. Here I mixed the versions up so that the progressively smaller hexagons were alternatively white and black.

I placed the puzzle on a piece of clear window glass held up by two cardboard boxes on either end, and placed my colored lights both below and above it, projecting at differing angles . In the attached image I show both Red and Blue lights being used, but I did not submit the image resulting from this set-up. Here I used my Canon 5D MK IV camera on a tripod and collected 28 focus slices. I employed my 100 mm f/2.8 macro lens with the following settings: 0.8 second, ISO 100, f/9, and collected the images in a darkened room to control ambient light.

After stacking the collection of slices (in Zerene Stacker) I edited the stacked image in Photoshop to yield this result. In this image, I also added a color gradient and texture to the background to limit the feeling that the items were floating in space. I also created an alternate version with a bit more ethereal glow in the background.

What do you all think of this image, and which of the two do you like best?

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Lynne Hollingsworth   Lynne Hollingsworth
Both images you created here are pleasing, but I tend to favor the more grounded image. This to me is a very creative image largely because of the way you have controlled the lighting to achieve your result. The composition and angles are well done, but what really strikes me is how the red hits an angle, drops off to deep blue, then transitions back to red/magenta. Really nice..

As for the lights, you had mentioned the brand (maybe last year?) Would you mention the brand again? I remember they were pricey - maybe the price has gone down...I can hope anyway,   Posted: 04/06/2021 17:41:14
Charles Ginsburgh   Charles Ginsburgh
The lights I used are from Adaptalux ( Each colored light wand was purchased separately. It was a bit expensive, but I really like the flexibility and options these lights offer me.   Posted: 04/07/2021 13:21:04


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