Angela Chan  

Lilly Close up by Angela Chan

January 2021 - Lilly Close up

About the Image(s)

This is a close up at a Lilly show.
Taken with a 18-200 mm zoom lens, not a macro lens. here I used my Sony 6000 at ISO 500, 1/200 sec, f 5.6, with at 64mm with a 18-200 mm lens.

Composition: Stigma at golden spiral
This is one of my old Lilly show images.
My aim was to have the center of the bloom in focus but blur the petals to concentrate attention.

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Peter Newman   Peter Newman
Hi Angela, I like your treatment of the Lilly. The gently curves and tonality force me to relax. What a pleasant image. I wish I could see a tad more emphasis on the stigma. Its bright green stem dominates and tends to draw my eye away from the stigma. Otherwise, beautifully and artfully done.   Posted: 01/12/2021 16:46:42


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